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Gerald Bourguet is an aspiring sports writer with a special love for basketball. In his hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico, Gerald won a high school state basketball championship and had dreams of playing in the NBA...until he stopped growing and decided to write about basketball instead. Gerald is a recent graduate of the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University. As a member of Barrett, the Honors College, he earned a Bachelor's and Master's degree in journalism in just four years. Gerald currently covers the Phoenix Suns and Chicago Bulls for HoopsHabit, writes daily fantasy basketball posts for ReUPsports and runs his own NBA blog and music website. Gerald's favorite sports teams are the Pittsburgh Steelers and Phoenix Suns. He eagerly awaits the day the Suns hoist a championship banner, sometime in 2055.


Fall Out Boy: Save Rock And Roll Review

The review for Fall Out Boy’s return album is up on Diamond In the Rock now! Unless you lived underground and didn’t listen to music in high school, you must be curious as to how their comeback album is. Read here why Save Rock And Roll is worth your time!



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Paramore: Paramore Review

There were a lot of doubts about what Hayley Williams and company would sound like without the Farro brothers. But after all the drama, the answer to those questions are answered emphatically with ParamoreHere’s why the band’s latest album is their best work yet.


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Red: Release The Panic Review

Red had big shoes to fill with the release of their fourth album, which followed the nearly flawless Until We Have Faces. Here’s why Release The Panic doesn’t even come close to the mastery of the band’s best work.


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Senses Fail: Renacer Review

Curious as to how Senses Fail’s venture into the post-hardcore genre went? Check out Diamond In The Rock’s review for their new album Renacer here!


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Silverstein: This Is How The Wind Shifts Review

Here’s the review for Silverstein’s sixth full-length album, “This Is How The Wind Shifts!” Like I’ve mentioned in a few posts already, this blog has been turned into a full website and I won’t be posting reviews here in the future. But if you want to read this review and over 120 other rock album reviews, head over to the new Diamond In The Rock site or click here to read the Silverstein review!


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Cartel: Collider Review Up Now!

Hey everyone, as I mentioned in my last post, I’m going to stop running this WordPress soon now that the website is up. But for the time being, I’ll be updating you all with new posts on here, Twitter and Facebook in addition to the website. But I wrote a review for Cartel’s new album Collider and it’s up on the website now, so click here to read the review!


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Diamond In The Rock: Website Launch!

Hello readers! As most of you are aware, Diamond In The Rock is a WordPress blog I started because of my interest in rock music, but over time, it grew into my thesis project for graduate school. The original goal was to review and rank every album by the bands I cover as I created a website. Although I didn’t have the time or manpower to achieve that goal entirely (since I’m a reviewing army of 1), the website is now up! After tirelessly researching the history of rock music, rock criticism and the current state of the industry, I have built a website from the ground up and would love for you all to check it out! I will be transferring the domain and eventually the URL in the near future, but this is an update letting you know that all new content will be on the website. I may update this WordPress from time to time but any music writing I do for fun in the future will be on the new website.

Check it out and let me know what you think! Here’s the link.


P.S.: Due to current formatting issues, the fonts on the site are not the ones I originally chose. So for now, if you’d like to see the site in all its aesthetically pleasing glory, go to and download/install the font called “Growly Grin.” I’m currently working on a way for that font to show up automatically, but for now it will only work if that font is stored in your computer’s fontbook, which is quick and easy to do. Enjoy!

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