Sleeping With Sirens: Let’s Cheers To This Review

Sleeping With Sirens is a post-hardcore rock band with a truly unique component in lead singer Kellin Quinn. The group boasts shredding guitar riffs and frantic drumming like other groups in the same genre, but Quinn’s extremely high-pitched vocals, deep lyrics and the lack of a consistent unclean vocal presence sets them apart and makes their style of music more appealing than that of their peers. Sleeping With Sirens has moments of screamo intensity, but for the majority of Let’s Cheers To This, they’re subdued into a lighter and more accessible brand of post-hardcore music.

Standout Tracks

“If You Can’t Hang” marks the album’s first significant standout, chronicling a man’s young love life by going through his relationships with dramatic Quinn-dominated verses. His wailing combines with the rising and falling of the tempo to add more emotion to this song about when love fails. Possibly the best moment of the entire album comes when Quinn quietly recounts about his new love: “I met a girl at 23 / Knew she meant the world to me / So I gave her everything / And she did the same for me,” to which Jesse Lawson replies with a scream of “Imagine that.” The upbeat pace of the drums and guitars appropriately sets the tone, allowing Quinn’s intriguing and stinging account to shine.

“Who Are You Now” changes up the tempo and gives a glimpse of Sleeping With Sirens’ alternative/pop punk side, and although later tracks suffer from overdoing the pop influence, it is just the right dose here. This lighter track diversifies and advances the group’s sound rather than abandoning it, which makes for a quality addition, even without any unclean vocals.

“Fire” is Sleeping With Sirens at their most dramatic and intense, and also showcases Quinn’s incredibly high vocal range at its peak. His performance once again dominate the track, but the song also gives the rest of the group the chance to display their talents with thundering drums and appropriately moody guitar riffs. The lighter verses crescendo nicely into each furiously escalated chorus. The passion in Quinn’s shrill vocals mixed with the song’s sense of dramatic urgency make it the highlight of the album.

“All My Heart” slows the tempo down for a romantic ballad that shows a side of the band that is rarely seen but ultimately enjoyable. Quinn and an acoustic guitar comprise the majority of this track about the beauty of a long-lasting love. The vocals are so sweet they almost take a step into effeminate territory, but the song’s simplicity calls for Quinn’s soft vocals until it escalates its pace to further emphasize the emotion behind the lyrics, making for a valuable addition to the album.

The Verdict

Sleeping With Sirens largely expand from their debut album to produce a stellar sophomore effort. The group took its potential in With Ears To See And Eyes To Hear and realized it with Let’s Cheers To This. Although the album suffers from too much pop-rock influence with “Your Nickle Aint Worth My Dime” and “Postcards And Polaroids,” Sleeping With Sirens shows greater consistency with their second album and establishes a unique post-hardcore identity behind Quinn’s incredible vocal range. This identity doesn’t quite match the intensity of similar acts like Woe Is Me or Pierce The Veil but is right at home on the lighter end of the post-hardcore spectrum with groups like Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows, I See Stars, Our Last Night and Monty Are I.

Quinn’s piercingly high-pitched singing may not be for everyone, but it is certainly respectable and makes for an entertaining listen for those who can tolerate it. And unlike similar post-hardcore acts, Sleeping With Sirens’ music possess a greater significance in the writing of such a high-octane record backed by such compelling and meaningful lyrics. This group matured in both their songwriting and musicianship with the release of Let’s Cheers To This, making them a promising band to keep an eye on.

Final Score: 9/10

Rank: 1st (two total albums)

Track List

  1. Do It Now Remember It Later
  2. If You Can’t Hang
  3. Who Are You Now
  4. Four Corners And Two Sides
  5. A Trophy Fathers Trophy Son
  6. Fire
  7. Tally It Up, Settle The Score
  8. Your Nickle Aint Worth My Dime
  9. Postcards And Polaroids
  10. All My Heart
  11. Let’s Cheers To This


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